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Thank you for your support in downloading and playing our games.  Please click on the buttons below to nominate Flock Da Sheep and Cut Da Cheese for the Best App Ever Awards of 2011.
Apple approved Cut Da Cheese FREE and Cut Da Cheese (Ad-Free) over the weekend!  Download numbers will be coming soon...

You can download the games here:

Please download, play, and let us know what you think of the game by rating it on iTunes.  Contact us with any feedback or suggestions.  Have fun!
_This is the first gameplay footage of our upcoming game, Cut Da Cheese for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  The game is a geometry cutting game with a time limit.  There are bonus levels and some randomization that makes it pretty addictive.
The game is super close to being complete and we look to submit to Apple this week.  Hopefully it will be out by the end of the month and before the holidays!  Wish us luck. :)
Here's the music from Cut Da Cheese.  It was composed by the same artist that did the Flock Da Sheep music.  Again, very catchy and don't be surprised if you find yourself humming it.  :)
And here are a few gameplay screenshots from the game.  The object is to cut the cheese evenly to feed all the mice in your mischief.  To advance you need to hit your goal for that particular level.  There's also a cat that will come out and "clean up" if you're not quick enough.  It's a pretty addictive puzzle game.
_Cut Da Cheese is getting very close to being complete.  There will be a free version with ads and a 99 cents version without ads.  The game should be available sometime in November...can't wait!
Here are some art we had mocked up for the look of the mice.  We wanted fun, cute and something a 5-year old potentially could have drawn.  We had the the following four styles to choose from:
Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Option #4
We ended up going with Option #2.  We liked the hand-drawn lines and the "googly" eyes.  What do you think?
As we've mentioned earlier, Cut Da Cheese was a game concept that our 5-year old (4-year old at the time) came up with.  Here's a video interview of him discussing how he came up with it.  :)

And here's the sketch that we did when JJ came up with the original concept.  As you can see, the game was originally similar to Cut the Rope, but users had to cut the cheese free to feed the mouse below.  The idea was to have the rope swinging back and forth with some physics.  There were also birds that would come in and swoop up your mouse if you don't "cut the cheese" in time.  Of course, I'm no artist...
This is the game that our 5-year old son JJ came up with that started this whole journey into iPhone game development.  The game is a geometry cutting game where users have to cut the cheese evenly to feed all the mice.  More details to come...

best iphone games best iphone games