best iphone games best iphone games
Here's some additional concept art for our upcoming game, Flock Da Sheep.  This is the art for the wolf who will get into tussles with your sheep if you're not careful.  We originally had a meaner one, but changed it to a cuter style as this is a fun kid's game after all.  :)
And here's what happens when the wolf does get a hold of one of your sheep.  We will not include the bone scene at the end as that is way too graphic for our younger fans.
This is the game that our 5-year old son JJ came up with that started this whole journey into iPhone game development.  The game is a geometry cutting game where users have to cut the cheese evenly to feed all the mice.  More details to come...
The game is coming along nicely.  Here's a look at our concept art for the sheep.  There will be four different colors (white, black, gray, and tan) that players will have to sort into their respective areas.
We've been busy working on our first iPhone game Flock Da Sheep.  The game is a sorting game where users "flock" sheep of the same color into their respective areas.  More details to come...

best iphone games best iphone games